One thought on “0085 – Filler: Behind the Scenes

  1. Hurm. Keep in mind that this comment was wiettrn/photographed before Resolute even came out. Still, a “Results May Vary” disclaimer might have been warranted.Yep, this ‘new’ Duke is still a jerk. Yep, he’s still trying to get into Scarlett’s pants. I’m still hoping that Hawk will show up in Resolute. I mean, it’s possible that he wasn’t on the Flagg, and was instead in Washington doing General’s stuff, like getting screwed over by the Jugglers.

  2. Hey Brenna, I was looking at the filelr comic’s speech bubble, and was wondering if perhaps that is the look you are after? If so there are a few potential ways to achieve it, but to keep this reply short I’ll mention the easy one first. Have you tried selecting the speech bubbles and going to filter> image effects> Oil painting?

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