I’m back.

It’s coming up on ten years since I started this comic. A whole decade online. The world wide web is only 22 years old, and Heroes Inc. has been on it for almost half that time. In those ten years a lot has happened in my life; I went to college, got engaged, graduated college, got a good paying job, discovered how unethically that business was run and left that job, was unemployed, got a new job, left my fiancee, got a new fiancee, bought a house, got married, and in about seven months I’ll be a father. In all that time though, you readers have supported my silly little comic and I feel like an ass for having updated as sporadically as I have, especially now that it’s been a year and a half since a real comic.

So here’s the deal: I still have a story to tell. I want to see this comic completed as much or more than all of you. I’m going to double down on my efforts to achieve that goal, starting now.

As you may notice, I’ve updated the page a bit. I’m streamlining things here. I got rid of the ads since they never made me any money, and I dropped the affiliates since they’ve all dropped off the face of the earth as much as as I did. I got rid of those obnoxious comic vote buttons, and I even worked up a new theme (which I’m still tweaking so bear with me). But the most important update is the comic itself. I originally set the comic up to fit on a 640×480 resolution screen, which was the most common resolution at the time. As I’ve matured and developed my style, so has the technology I’ve used, and the technology used by my readers. For the sake of expanding my canvas, I’ve upgraded Heroes Inc to HD, or at least H-er D. This will let my now-rendered-3D pages be much more well seen.

Now, of course, I’m still doing this as a hobby and not a job, so updates will still be kinda sporadic as I can get to them, but I’ll aim for one page a week. This may drop off a bit around July because, as I mentioned, my wife and I are expecting our first child, so that will inevitably cause some delays in my free time activities. However, I will do my best to keep producing content. As soon as little Robert Junior can pick up my old SNES controller, I’m sure I can be working on this more often again.

To leave you with a teaser, I’ll just let you know that I’ve been working on a few bits to post in the coming weeks; one is a massive infographic that summarizes the plot so far, one will be something of a “Previously On Heroes Inc…” clip show, and for those who have been waiting for real content, I’ve been busy modeling the Blackbird from Chrono Trigger, and we’ll be seeing some action with Link’s group very soon.

Once again, thank you all for reading, and check back soon for updates!


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12 Responses to “0489 – Rebirth”

  • B Says:

    Finally. In a good way though. Welcome back man.

  • Fab Says:

    I never believed in resurection… Happy to see you again.

  • SNES-gamer Says:

    Yay! An update! Welcome back.

    and only took 2 months!

  • viperzerofsx Says:

    best of luck to you, always a good read, and maybe its time the sprite comic made a comeback

  • Spellca Says:

    Welcome back Rob! Best of luck.

  • Rooshbag Says:

    Always knew you’d be back! Welcome home, Rob!

  • Tsamane Says:

    Welcome back
    I was waiting patiently for this day to come
    Checking every few weeks to see if you were back

    I checked at the right time

  • Adam Says:

    decided to read through the archives to kill some time at work, see this post, sooo happy, glad to have you back man

  • Geno Says:

    I’ve found a glitch with the new page layout. If you go into the archive and select a page you can see the comments on that page, but there aren’t any back or forwards buttons. I hope that this gets fixed soon.

  • Sonicbn Says:


  • Lilack Suntra Says:

    He’s back!!!! :D

    To be honest, I never doubted you. The comic never continued, but the site never went down either.

    Sprite comics can be more than pointless humor. And in this time of memes, selfies, and shallow jokes, the internet needs one of the great heroes to come back. For the stories to return. And the one to start that, is you, Robert.

  • Black_Ashes Says:

    Woohoo! After seeing several of my favorite webcomics either end or get canceled in the past two months, it’s wonderful to see that this one is returning! Nice to have you back. Really love the new format too.

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