Sorry for the month of silence following my promise to return to regular updates. I’ve been distracted by real-world stuff, including a major side track wherein I spent several weeks updating resumes, portfolios, and interviewing for a job I really wanted but ultimately didn’t get.

I know the site has some bugs and I’m trying to fix them (including the lack of navigation on the pages reached by the archive, thanks for pointing that out, Geno) but not being a web programmer by training, I’m having some trouble. I’m going to call in my college cohort Valerie (as seen in filler comic 265) who has more experience with web design than I do.

In the mean time, while I’m trying to get my shit together, I’ve prepared a few ebook versions of my comic for you all to download and view at your leisure.  These have all story-only comics with no filler, so you can catch up on the comic a lot easier.

Here are the Heroes Inc. ebooks:

Heroes Inc. – Prologue
Heroes Inc. – Chapter 1
Heroes Inc. – Chapter 2
Heroes Inc. – Chapter 3
Heroes Inc. – Chapter 4

But to remind you, I’M NOT DEAD. I’m just lazy.


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2 Responses to “Sorry, I’m still lazy.”

  • viperzerofsx Says:

    Its ok we figured it wouldn’t be overnight!

    btw cool ebook idea

  • TheyCallMeV Says:

    *sigh* I’ve been demoted to “college cohort.” I WAS YOUR BEST MAN, DAMMIT! And I still have the bright pink shirt to prove it.

    I’m really sorry I never got to do the redesign for you like I promised. I’m as shitty at keeping promises for your website as you are. But I’m really regretting it because this design doesn’t suit Heroes Inc. at all. The layout for D13 is awesome. The designer for that did a good job. OH WAIT IT WAS ME.

    I guess I’ll go look at the redesign files you sent me…a year ago…and put something together that is inspiring and pretty and most importantly, has essential features like navigation and an easily-accessible comment function.

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